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All Open Positions

From development to back office, from QA to HR – we like to give amazing opportunities to talented people, no matter the profession.

Engineering & Data

Our Engineering and Data Teams are responsible for all game-related technologies. Our developers implement new features using the game engine Unity and continuously improve our code. Our Data Team interprets player behavior by analyzing in-game metrics and offers insights and evaluations that impact our design and development decisions.

Marketing & Communications

Our Marketing and Communication Teams are responsible for the growth of our games and the Kolibri Games brand. By creating awesome ads and through effective campaigns, the Marketing Team ensures that our titles end up on millions of mobile devices across the globe. The Brand Team is responsible for showing that we don’t only make great games but are a great team and a great employer.


Our HR Team helps us find world-class talent to join our team in Berlin. It also ensures that all Kolibris feel comfortable throughout their career, and shapes a culture of reliability, trust, and engagement.

Finance & Legal

Our Finance & Legal Team takes care of our finances, makes sure that we always follow the latest rules and regulations and, if needed, protects our games and our brand.

Game Design

Our Game Design Teams are responsible for designing new features, making sure that they fit into the existing economy and improving the overall player journey and experience.


Our Artists create amazing assets for our games and our ads, be it new characters, event mines in Idle Miner Tycoon, shop offer graphics or UA creatives.

Business Support

Our internal support teams ensure that everyday work runs smoothly, that we have fast internet, drinks in our fridge and the newest equipment. Our Community Team helps players with any queries they might have.

If you didn't see anything that fits your set of skills, send an open application.

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