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Kolibri Games


“AppLovin is a global brand and platform, which means we have the opportunity to work with developers from different markets all around the world. In our Ask the Developer series, we speak with developers to learn their strategies, best practices, and expert insights.”

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Fluffy Fairy Games Founders

Kolibri Games

Ad Colony:

“Not every mobile game company follows their dreams from the get-go, and not every app is a success. Sometimes though, the stars align and a company turns a moment of disappointment into a huge opportunity and sometimes that opportunity spawns a winner. Just ask German publisher Fluffy Fairy Games.”

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Kolibri Games’ approach to lean development

See our talk at the Unite Berlin 2018

Press Contact

Tom Weber - PR Editor

Tom Weber

PR Editor

Kolibri Games GmbH
Hallesches Ufer 60,
10963 Berlin


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