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How 70 Kolibris Created 8 Prototypes In Just One Weekend!

Dive into the recap of our Kolibri Games Game Jam 2021

October 18, 2021

How 70 Kolibris Created 8 Prototypes In Just One Weekend!

Friday, 9:00 am sharp: 70 game-hungry Kolibris storm the office (having first presented their proof of vaccination or negative test result) and get started on what turns out to be the first-ever internal Kolibri Game Jam:

Get ready for 17 teams creating 10 pitches and 8 prototypes in just one weekend!

While the teams gather and secure a meeting room, which will basically turn into their home for the next 72 hours, the first ideas start flying through the air – for a punny and creative team name (and maybe foreshadowing their other unique game creation skills).

After all teams are set up in their respective spaces, stocked up on caffeine and snacks, it’s time to get the brainstorming going. What theme should the next Kolibri Games hit game have? From dinosaurs to submarines over to aliens, every era, time and place finds its supporters in this round. But which theme can convince the rest of the team as well?


Recruiter Silvia: “It was so much fun. I have to admit, I am tired as hell, but it was worth it. It was my first game jam as a participant, I usually recruit people at these sorts of events, but this time I had the chance to experience the jam myself.”

While the teams get their creative juices flowing, the senior leadership team stands by with help and support, sporting the baby blue organizer shirt and setting new fall trends.


Product Lead Sebastian: “Very satisfying. It was truly amazing to see what the different teams came up with. You can’t underestimate what a team made up of artists, HR people, and game designers brainstorm together. It’s much more fun and creative than sitting in a room with always the same people from your product team. My team was just the best (shoutout to Team TGIF!) and I’m super excited about how our pitch deck turned out. As a product manager, it was nice to give up control a bit and see how the group is managing.”

By the second day, most teams have decided on what theme and game idea they want to pursue and got started working on their prototypes. This means designing the core loop, drawing mock-ups, but also instruments were brought in to create a soundtrack. 

Junior Product Manager Michel: “The atmosphere was buzzing all around with people working on games they’re passionate about seeing come to life, something that can very rarely be found on such a scale in other industries. I can’t stress enough how important it is to have a supportive and motivating workplace that challenges you to become a better version of yourself while providing you with all the necessary tools to do so.”


A week later, the pressure was on: In a quick 60-second elevator pitch, the teams presented their game ideas to all Kolibris in our weekly company presentation. In an almost Oscar-worthy award show our jury announced the winners in the different categories: Best Game, Best Visuals & Art, Best Gameplay, Most Innovative Idea, Funniest Game and the Popular Vote (decided by all Kolibris voting the week prior). Which game ideas remained hidden in the mysterious envelopes? Although our winners will get their trophies soon, we can only say: Stay tuned for our next games – it could be one of our game jam winners. 

Props to every Kolibri that participated and gave all their creative brain cells to this fun challenge. Last but definitely not least, the biggest thanks goes out to the amazing organizers of the event: Clara, Eva, Jonas, and Konstantin. 

Operations Manager Clara: “After 1,5 years of home office, organizing a Game Jam in person was truly energizing! Bringing together Kolibris for such a special occasion as creating games together was long overdue. With 10 pitches, 8 prototypes, and countless more brainstorming ideas we gave our creativity room to explore the idle genre even further while enjoying the time together as a team.”

If you couldn’t agree more and also want to start creating your own games: Then have a look at our open positions below and join Kolibri Games on our next games’ journey:

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