What makes us so unique?

What makes us so unique?

Find out how we managed to become one of the leading companies in the mobile games market.

Find out how we managed to become one of the leading companies in the mobile games market.

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About us

Located in the heart of Berlin, we are a rising and vibrant mobile gaming studio that aspires to be the most player oriented company in the world. As the developers of the successful Android and iOS game Idle Miner Tycoon and Idle Factory Tycoon we made a name for ourselves by focusing on interaction with our players and using popular ideas from the community to further develop the game.


We believe in..


We build strong teams of self-motivated people, empowered to take charge through a supportive atmosphere.


We listen closely to our customers, as only by catering to their needs can we guarantee our lasting success.


We achieve our goals quickly by finding simple solutions to complex problems.


We believe in learning. We continuously strive for improvement to become the best possible version of ourselves.

Creating Value

We generate profits to power a sustainable, growing company able to withstand the constant challenges of tough markets.

Leadership Team

Meet the people behind Kolibri Games.

Daniel Stammler
Daniel Stammler Co-CEO & Co-Founder

Janosch Sadowski
Janosch Sadowski Co-CEO & Co-Founder

Oliver Löffler
Oliver Löffler CTO & Co-Founder

Tim Reiter
Tim Reiter Product Director & Co-Founder

Daniel Reichert
Daniel Reichert Product Director

Julian Erhardt
Julian Erhardt Product Director

Volkmar Reinerth
Volkmar Reinerth Marketing Director

Our Story

We have come quite far, but there is still a lot ahead of us.

  • October 2018
  • August 2018
  • April 2018
  • January 2018
  • July 2016
  • February 2016
  • New colors – same company


    The company changes its name to Kolibri Games. Fluffy Fairy Games was an ideal name for the takeoff. The almost emblematically funny and friendly name, loved by employees and players alike, expressed the company’s aspiration to make games for absolutely everyone. Now, with eight-figure revenues and over 80 employees, the company needs a name that better reflects its essence and underlines its status as a serious contender in the gaming industry. Kolibri Games is perfect as it represents the company’s agile, lean and fast moving character.

  • 50 Million Downloads


    Both games combined hit the 50 million download mark – a huge success for the young games company that was operating out of a student flat just two years ago. As a reaction to the achievements of the past months, and as part of a larger growth offensive, the team that has grown to over 75 is expanded even further. The company is well on its way of achieving its goal: releasing five successful games in the idle genre, within five years.

  • Idle Factory Tycoon is here


    The second game Idle Factory Tycoon is here – a big step for a games company, as the overall organizational structure has to be redesigned and adjusted to suit the work on two titles simultaneously. No problem for the team, who has learned a lot while making the first game, and applies all the lessons in the development process for Idle Factory Tycoon

  • Let’s move to Berlin


    After one year, the office in the center of Karlsruhe is too small for the now 35 talented people. In order to accommodate the steady growth, and to keep adding new faces, the company moves to Berlin-Kreuzberg. Here, 1.000 square meters give room to all developers, programmers, artists, and game designers. The move boosts the company’s growth: In the German capital, Fluffy Fairy Games gets five times as many applicants as before.

  • The birth of Idle Miner Tycoon


    The founders have a passion for mobile games and aim to enter the market with a revolutionary product: a really accessible idle game, that is oriented towards the players’ needs right from the beginning. After only eight weeks of development, following a lean approach, the team launches Idle Miner Tycoon. The goal is to first create a “minimum viable product” (MVP), which is a cut-down version of the game reduced to the core mechanics. Should this version prove popular, it will be further developed based on player feedback.

  • The foundation


    Kolibri Games is founded, without external financing, by a group of students in their shared flat as Fluffy Fairy Games. The founders had met during their studies at the KIT (Karlsruher Institut für Technologie) and had previously been active in startups, together and individually. All love the game Clash of Clans, and after finding out that the game generates over a billion dollars in revenue, they decide to make a childhood dream come true: making games.