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How to Prepare for Your Interview at Kolibri Games

What You Should Know and Where to Look for It

August 1, 2019

You have been invited to an interview at Kolibri Games? Congratulations!

To help you prepare for the big day, our Head of Recruitment will give you useful advice on how to go into the conversation as confident as you can be…

First things first: Thank you for applying for a job at Kolibri Games!

We are extremely excited that you are interested in joining our team in Berlin and can’t wait to get to know you better.

Everyone knows, interviews can be scary — “What if I say something weird or forget all my answers?” Now, to make you a little less stressed and a little more excited here is some useful information on how to best prepare for your interview.

First, I’d like to quickly explain how we recruit at Kolibri Games. We want you to know what’s happening at any stage during your application process. You are putting time and effort into your application and, in return, deserve full transparency.

The Kolibri Games Recruitment Process

Our recruitment process has four main phases:

  1. After you submit your application, our team will screen it together with all other incoming applications. Based on certain criteria (that vary depending on the position you are applying for) we put together a first selection of candidates that we invite for an interview. If you are applying for a position in one of our tech teams, we will ask you to complete a small task before the first interview, to further determine whether your skill level meets our expectations.
  2. It’s time for the first interview with our recruiting staff.
  3. You aced the first interview — time for another one, this time with the hiring manager of whatever position you are applying for.
  4. You made an excellent impression during both interviews. In the fourth and final stage, we invite you to spend time with us during two onsite trial days at the Kolibri Games office (we will pay for flights and accommodation, of course). You will have to solve trial tasks and will meet a lot of Kolibris during lunch.

Finally, if everything went well during your trial days, we will gladly make you an offer to join our team. Now that you know what to expect, here is some advice that will help you rock these interviews.

Our goal is to become the most player-centric gaming company out there. Therefore, being familiar with our games and having a good understanding of what it means to play them will be extremely helpful throughout your application process. You don’t have to grind for hours and unlock everything that can be unlocked — a basic understanding of the core mechanics and gameplay will do. Both, Idle Miner Tycoon and Idle Factory Tycoon are available for free on Android and iOS and can be played without having to spend a single cent. Go and try them out!

You really love a certain feature, or you have ideas on how to improve the games? Amazing, make sure to let us know!

We are a startup that grew out of a student apartment into an office with over 100 people in only a little more than three years, and all that without any external funding. In many ways, our story shapes who we are and how we do things as a company, so learning about it will not only help you to familiarize yourself with this place but will also help you determine if you see yourself working here.

Our company was founded by a group of students in their shared flat. Their idea was to enter the market with a revolutionary product: a really accessible idle game, that is oriented towards the players’ needs right from the beginning. Without any external funding, and solely relying on their own abilities, they launched the first version of Idle Miner Tycoon and started gaining their first players.

Fast forward to today, and we’ve grown to over 100 people, have a second game on the market and have over 100 million global downloads with both of our titles, yet our mission hasn’t changed: we want to be the most player-centric games company out there.

Now you know our story and how we got here. If you’re keen to know more about the principles that guide our work every day, make sure to read about our core values — all this will help you to familiarize yourself with this place and get into the Kolibri mindset.

Kolibri Games is a special workplace in many ways, yet one thing that really sets us apart from other companies out there is our lean development process. To work truly player-centric, we aim to get feedback by our players as early as possible: we released our games as prototypes and continue to improve them together with the community, following a weekly update schedule.

This way of working requires a fast-paced and result-oriented work environment. Our sprints are packed and even the slightest delay by a single person could put the work of the entire team days behind. Learning about our focus on punctuality, and ownership will give you useful insights into how we work and live here at Kolibri Games.

I have given you some of the basics, but there is more!

Head over to our blog to learn more about our company culture, tech-related stuff or how we create all the amazing art for our games. On our website, you’ll also find useful information. Maybe even google Kolibri Games to see what other people write about us. All these things will help you to ace your interview and will allow you to give the perfect answer to every question!

…make sure you have carefully read the job description. Should you have questions about your responsibilities, the team structure or anything else, just ask.

Job interviews can be quite scary, but proper preparation helps ease any stress and will turn what might otherwise be a tense interview into a relaxed conversation.

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