Kolibri Games’ Idle Restaurant Tycoon Launches Globally on iOS and Android

December 3, 2020

Kolibri Games’ Idle Restaurant Tycoon Launches Globally on iOS and Android

December 2020 | Kolibri Games has released their newest idle simulation: Idle Restaurant Tycoon is now globally available on iOS and Android. The game has been soft-launched on Google Play in several countries since October and has gathered overwhelmingly positive reviews (4,7/5 on average) from thousands of players.

Kolibri Games has been spearheading the idle genre for a number of years – their smash-hit Idle Miner Tycoon has generated over 150 million downloads and is considered one of the most successful idle games out there. With the new title, the company is achieving its goal of broadening its portfolio of idle games this year.

With Idle Restaurant Tycoon, the studio has combined their signature art style and their unique approach to LiveOps and “games a service” development, with a new 3D isometric look and an engaging idle mechanic. Players can unlock new restaurants, upgrade and customize individual components in dining rooms or kitchens, run ad campaigns to attract new customers, play regular event restaurants, and a lot more.

Janosch Sadowski, Co-CEO and Co-Founder of Kolibri Games, says:

We are beyond excited about the global release of Idle Restaurant Tycoon. From our previous releases, and from continuously improving and expanding our live titles, we have learned a great deal about idle game development. We are now finally able to put these learnings into practice to bring amazing new experiences to our players around the globe.

Daniel Stammler, Co-CEO and Co-Founder of Kolibri Games, says:

Our team has delivered truly outstanding work on this game over the past year – we have developed it fully remotely, from first prototype to soft-launch. With Idle Restaurant Tycoon, we committed to a completely new look, a 3D isometric art style. All of our developers, artists, game designers and testers have gone out of their way to adapt to this challenge and create a game that both new and old players will love.