The Kolibri Games Newsletter

January 28, 2020

The Kolibri Games Newsletter

Hi there,

Enjoy the January Edition of the Kolibri Games Newsletter. This is where we review the events of the past weeks and keep you updated on recent company and product milestones.

Company Milestones 

In December 2019 we tried out something new in Idle Factory Tycoon: a VIP subscription offer that provides players with extra perks in exchange for a monthly fee. Only a month later, we can say that the experiment has been incredibly successful – over the winter break, 20 percent of purchase revenue was brought in by the subscription offer, and it generated more than two times the revenue of the previously most popular in-app purchase.

We Appeared In

We were excited about the full release of a podcast series that our co-founder and Co-CEO Daniel recorded last year together with Christopher Bieber from the “So Denken Gewinner” podcast. In addition, the team over at GameAnalytics included the Idle Miner Tycoon season pass in their analysis of the latest trend in mobile gaming.

The Kolibri Games Blog 

Over on the Kolibri Games blog, we published a video reviewing our achievements of the past year, as well as an extensive article by our QA Lead Sebastian on QA workflows on the Idle Factory Tycoon Team.

Product Updates

On Idle Miner Tycoon, we implemented various UX/UI improvements and added a whole new area to the mainland, the calm and peaceful Prairie.

On Idle Factory Tycoon, we reworked the Idle Cash panel, made some improvements to our shop offers and started implementing the very popular VIP subscription offer into our data pipeline.

Kolibri Events 

This month, we were extremely happy to be invited to WomenTech Berlin 2020 – a network that promotes ​diversity in tech and connects leading startups that value diversity, inclusion and strive to create a culture of belonging.

In addition, we’re going to be part of the Global Game Jam again with a jam site at the Kolibri HQ – expect pictures with next month’s edition.

What Else Happened? 

Our Learning & Development Specialist Kim sat down for a video to talk about how we learn at Kolibri Games and to walk through the many ways in which we facilitate professional and personal development. Check out the video here.