The Kolibri Games Newsletter

March 30, 2020

The Kolibri Games Newsletter

Hi there,

Enjoy the March Edition of the Kolibri Games Newsletter. This is where we review the events of the past weeks and keep you updated on recent company and product milestones.

Company Milestones 

Like many companies out there, we sent our entire team into home office as the circumstances around the COVID-19 pandemic worsened in Germany. Although we are in the privileged position of working in an industry that allows for work to be executed from home, we are incredibly proud of how our team realized and handled the change in setting and that we were able to keep bringing content to our players despite the difficult situation.

On a more positive note, our Kolibri Games blog has been awarded a gold Stevie Award as “Best Online Publication”. We are happy to be recognized for our continuous effort to showcase our amazing team and to share our learnings with the mobile gaming and wider tech community.

We Appeared In

Earlier this month, together with the games:net, we hosted a workshop on publishing mobile games at the Kolibri HQ. If you’d like to know more, head over to our co-host’s summary of the event.

The Kolibri Games Blog 

This month we implemented some exciting changes: with the help of our Web Developer Jenny, we were finally able to integrate our blog into our own website. Head over to and enjoy the new design.

We also didn’t hold back on the content this month and published our favorite spots to visit in Berlin, a piece on what a day in the life of a DevOps Engineer looks like, as well as a six-month data recap of one of our biggest features in Idle Miner Tycoon ever, the Impossible Island.

Product Updates

On Idle Miner Tycoon, the team worked hard on implementing a new customer engagement platform and the integration of data events to improve the game using player behavior.

This month, our Idle Factory Tycoon team implemented a comprehensive visual and functional panel rework and launched a goal or quest system with linear goals for early-game players and daily quests for late-game players.

Kolibri Events

Earlier this month, we celebrated our fourth birthday at the Kolibri HQ. The theme this time: something that starts with “K”.

Open Positions 

We currently have a lot of open positions in our Engineering and Data Teams. Have a look at the job descriptions here. So, if you know someone, who knows someone, who knows someone… you know the deal.